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Staying Home All Day

Written By: Janelle Armstrong

During COVID, I’ve been spending a lot of my time at home. This has been a very different time for all of us, and I’ve had some things change in my life.

I’ve been missing a lot of my friends, because I cannot see them as much as I used to. I’ve also been missing the programs I attended at SHS like PD, ETS, and SAS. It helped me to get out of the house more, and I love to be in the outdoors. During those programs, I saw a lot of my friends and was very active in the community.
Now, due to COVID, I am unable to do a lot of the community activities I was able to do before. I am staying home with my family a lot.

I help out my mom a lot, who had a stroke, because my dad is at work a lot. At home I also help out by washing dishes. I like to workout at home and relax by having a bath. It is not all work at home though. I see my friends on zoom.

I like to watch sports at home, as well. My favourite sports to watch are hockey (San Jose Sharks), baseball (Blue Jays, Mariners, Giants), and football (BC Lions). On TV I like to watch The Flash. Now I also hang out with my friends in person.
I have more independence now, I enjoy and use it to help my activity level without the opportunity that organized sport provided.

I miss my baseball team and playing with my friends. Now I walk or bus to the places I need to go, which helps me be much more active.

When I am on public transit, I always wear my mask, and remind people to wear theirs. It is very important that people wear masks in public when they are around others. I also go out to get lunch sometimes by myself. I enjoy my independence and will be more independent in my everyday life from now on.

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