Hi my name is Shannon,

I am hosting Shannon’s Support Column.

I am on a healing journey and writing my story has given me the courage to share it with others to further my healing and to prevent sexual abuse from happening to another human being.

My name is Shannon and I was raped when I was 13 years old.  The flash back of that day still makes my blood run cold and feel sick to my stomach…I can’t stop thinking of it and it plays over and over in my head… You can find the rest of my story here

If you have read my story you may have experienced a similar abuse or may know some who has been abused. This column is part of my healing journey. Feel free to make a comment or ask a question. I will do what I can to be supportive.

Shannon's Story

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Shannon is a Self Advocate living in the Fraser Valley BC. She was Sexually Abused as a young teenager and is working to make a recovery. She hopes to support others in similar situations. Send her a question to get a reply.

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