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Okanagan Self-Advocate Group



Who We Are:

We are a group of adults with diversabilities who meet once a month to talk about issues that matter to us and help make our lives better because we are more aware.
All are welcome to our meetings:
► Potential Self-Advocates ► Friends of members► Support workers

What We Do:
►Talk about great successes, as well as things we are concerned about
►Increase awareness about living with a diversability (disability) by doing outreach presentations with PowerPoints to many different organizations in our area
►Volunteer or attend special events in our community
► Empower our members to share ideas, concerns and build friendships
► Present information on different topics of interest to the group to become informed and to help us make better decisions

How We Do This:
► By meeting regularly and talking about topics which are important to us, we will become a strong group of positive, informed people.
► Through learning, we hope to be able to connect well with our community
► By working together as a team, we will help our lives become better!

Why Our Group is Right for YOU:
► You can get together with others to talk about all the great things in your life, as well as, the challenges you face
► We work together by volunteering or attending special events, which will give you great satisfaction and get you involved with others
► People will get to know you and our group in the community and see how we are all important members of society

► By attending the free monthly meetings, you will build friendships which can assist you with becoming better at voicing your opinion
► You will learn, through talking to others, how to become a better self-advocate in your own life!

Join our FREE group if you are interested in doing any of these things:
► Socializing and talking about important topics in your life
► Volunteering at organizations who would benefit from our help
► Speaking to groups to help increase awareness about living with diversabilites (disabilities) and how it affects your life
► Meeting new people, encouraging and mentoring others
► Empowering your voice as a
self-advocate to better your life!


Contact us at

Linda Youmans, Okanagan Self-Advocate Group Advisor

Email:  okanaganselfadvocategroup15@yahoo.com
Phone:  1 (778) 478-3436


For people eligible for CLBC services, Self-Advocates and their Allies


Monthly Meeting Dates in 2023:

All Programs are on Saturdays from 1 PM – 2:30 PM.

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