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My Story

Written by: Robert Soumang

I have a diversibility which made high school feel really hard. I was lucky because the Ladies Auxillary donated a laptop to me, which was a huge help. I was able to use my laptop to type stuff because my writing was hard for people to read.

When I was diagnosed with my diversibility my doctor did not want me to go back to school because he said I was a risk to myself and to other people. This made me feel useless and not able to do anything.

When I told my family doctor that I wasn’t allowed to finish high school, he said he would help me work something out, and he did. My family doctor went to the school district and worked it out that I could go back to school and I showed them I was not a harm in any way.

I took my final test to graduate with my Mom, caseworker, and doctor in one room and my teacher in the other room with me. A week after I took the test I went to go pick up my graduation certificate and I didn’t know if it was the completion one or the graduation one. I was so happy when I saw that I had graduated! I felt like I had won the lottery!

I would like for other people to hear my story and not give up. You need to pursue your goals. I was lucky to have everyone on the same page as me and especially with all the help from my Mom. I feel now like I can do anything.

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