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My Story During Covid

By Brianna Geider

Hello my name is Brianna Geider. I live in Langley with my parents and my sister. Ever since COVID started I’ve been having a hard time with it but I’ve been trying to do different activities to keep busy.

With COVID I can’t see all my family and friends or go to all the places I like to go, like swimming or taking programs and courses in person. But with COVID I’ve been trying to find a way to do things differently.

In October of last year, I started a new job. Now I work at Home Depot and I work as a cashier there. I have learned to scan the customers merchandise and count their money. Also, I have learned to greet the customers in a friendly manner and give excellent customer service.

With COVID I have to sanitize the area after every customer and make sure the area is clean and safe. Something cool about my job is that I have nice co workers and some I’ve made friends with. The day after my birthday one of my coworkers surprised me with a birthday card, a chocolate cupcake, and pink tulips all my favorite things!

Something else I have accomplished is upgrading my English 12 at LEC. I upgraded my mark because I am planning to get into UFV in September to do the Library Tech course.  This is a goal I have wanted to achieve and it was still possible to do during COVID.

Another thing I’ve accomplished during COVID was the online Baristas Training program. I learned different skills like Food safe, Serving It Right, WCB, WHIMIS, and Super Host skills. Once completed, I received a $40 gift card to Starbucks.

These days I am focusing on Healthy Living every day and I try to go for outdoor walks and explore nature as well as eating healthy and trying to get enough sleep. I believe Healthy Living is important because it’s part of a good lifestyle. In this time of COVID remember to stay safe and stay healthy as we are all in this together.

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