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My Story

Submitted by: Cheyanne Clarkson

Hello, my name is Cheyanne I have FASD and this my positive story through Covid 19. Through Covid 19 I came across T.A.S.K. which is a course held at the UFV campus in Chilliwack. Of course through Covid 19 we are not yet on campus but I have faith we will be after winter break. Anyways, Covid has actually been quite positive for me.

I found the T.A.S.K. course and have reconnected with lots of old friends and actually have gotten closer with my family.

I started T.A.S.K. on September 14th and it is the best thing through this Covid 19. I am improving on my education but also making new friends and supporting my friends through Covid 19 and they’re doing the same as well.

Even though Covid 19 is hard I find that self-isolating actually made my family and I closer and has made us more patient with each other and way more laughs too. I also am thankful that I can still see extended family and friends through social distance visits and that hand sanitizer and masks are invented. I have found Covid 19 has also made me a stronger person by doing new things at home like crafts or working more at fitness or changing my diet.

Honestly nothing has really become negative for me through Covid 19

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