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Living through COVID-19 self-isolation.  Not once…but twice!!

Written by Noel Anderson

I was getting community support and one of the people in the group got tested positive for COVID-19.

Island Health called the manager and said, “Anyone within 5 feet of the person had to get tested.”  I had been close to this person.  In the meantime – oh no, self-isolation!

I had to wait…I had stay home…til I got the results. I was happy and my mom was happy…I tested negative.

THEN 4 weeks later, guess what happened – again?   My support worker got a call from someone close to him saying – “oh, by the way – I tested positive for COVID.”  Then I got a call saying “oh by the way – your support worker tested positive for COVID.”  But, I thought, I had two supporter workers? Which one was it?

I had to get tested – I had to stay home – I had to fight with Island Health to get my COVID test.   But what was nice, they paid for my cab. 😊

But yeah again!  I tested negative.

This time I was stuck at home for 14 days.  It was hard.  The hardest part was not being able to go out for my morning walk, bus rides, going for coffee and the gym, going to work and seeing my grandparents.

Then I was free – and since then I have not been exposed to COVID.  And since then I have got both my vaccines.   I am happy and excited.



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