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How This Corona Virus Has Effected Me

Written by: Jack Mullin

At first it bothered me. Mostly because when my family would come from the coast I was still not able to give them a hug. As well as not receiving my birthday gifts.

At where I work which is at Canadian Tire we have to wear masks which can be very uncomfortable but I don’t want to get hit by this virus. I try my best to stay six feet from the customers which sometimes it can be very tough.

When I do my grocery shopping when I have a staff member to help me we both have to keep our distance.

I miss the Club Fit program which is through Special Olympics. But despite it all I do my own work out which includes some kick boxing, and other days I go for a swim in our local lake. I swim from one end to another and return.

I have heard it said that this is the new normal but to me it sucks.

I’m hoping and praying that as a group I can go to the 2021’s Comic Con Convention in Kelowna because it was an amazing event to see, there are people with stores where you can buy stuff from movies or T.V. , or meet the stars in person from the T.V.’s and movies. Some of the customers like myself can be dressed up like Batman.

As a group we went to see some Semi-pro wrestlers which is a lot of fun as well.

Our theater is letting small groups of people in to watch DVD’s and give out small bags of popcorn and a drink for $10.00.

If I want to go to Walmart I would have to wear a mask, gloves and use sanitizer.

I’m just wondering what is Halloween going to be like.

I’m sure glad that computers have space time, and that we can talk with our family.
It also gives me more time to do my sketching.

I am very honored to have my comic entered in this contest and if I win or I don’t win as the Special “O” oath goes “let me win, but if I can not win let me be brave in the attempt”.

Thank you very much.

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