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BC Anti-Racism Awareness Week May 22-26, 2023

Selfadvocatenet.ca in support of BC Anti Racism Awareness Week of May 22nd to May 26th,2023

As a society, we must try to understand what racism can do and what causes racism, and why people do it . As self-advocates we want the public to know calling people out of judging people cause of color cause of their disability cause some people are LGPQ of different cultures too. We must stop racist comments we must protect those who are attacked by racism we need to educate ourselves to be respectable to others

So this page will help with the information you need on how to prevent racism.


First off what is racism?

Racism is the belief that one group of people, identified by physical characteristics of shared ancestry (such as skin color), is superior to another group of people that look different from themselves. Racism occurs when individuals or groups are disadvantaged or mistreated based on their perceived race and/or ethnicity either through individualistic or systemic racism.

What can we do to stop racism?




Parliamentary Secretary’s Statement on Anti-Racism Awareness Week

Victoria Monday, May 22, 2023, 7:30 AM

This on BC Govt Website go to the link here

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