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Alone and Disabled

Written by: Pierre Legault

I have had mobility issues ever since my knee buckled at work and have been on disability for 5 years now. It is an everyday struggle to feed and take care of myself financially.

It’s not easy living on $1,400 a month, with rent being 2/3 of it.

During Covid lockdown, I got an extra $500.00, and did that ever help me for a few months! Having no money really stresses me out, i.e., lack of sleep.

I can’t do anything because I can’t afford to go anywhere. I’m almost 63 years old now and I’m worried about my future.

Being sick and poor is a double whammy on your thoughts. I think there should be support for mental issues, as well as physical challenges.

If I had a few hundred more dollars a month, that would help me to eat better and more often.

In closing, I would like to say that I feel lost about what to do. People just keep talking about it, and I starve while I wait. I can’t even go to the food bank because of my walking issues.

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